Good Tidings of Great Joy

Good Tidings of Great Joy this Christmas

Christmas, Jesus Changes Lives

Don’t forget the greatest gift of all this Christmas, and it’s from God!

It’s so easy to forget the reason for this special time of year; take a moment to consider the meaning of the birth of God’s Son coming to the earth in the little town of Bethlehem.

Remember how no one had room for Mary and Joseph when they arrived in the town; the folk of Bethlehem were too busy with their own lives. We are pretty busy too, but have you got room for Jesus this Christmas? Join us in reading a short piece from the bible: Luke, chapter 2 v1-21. The prophet Isaiah in chapter 7v14 predicted this birth centuries before – you might wish to read that too.

We have a special message to each and everyone of you that in a world of uncertainty that we may accept the ‘good tidings of great joy’ and believe on Jesus as the Saviour of mankind. He took our place by dying on the Cross in Jerusalem.  It’s as if a judge says to a guilty convict: ‘You’re free, I will take your punishment!’ What joy & change for the guilty!

God’s gift is free & for you.