Are You a Gambler?

Dear reader, are you a gambler?  This may seem like an odd question, perhaps even a rude one!  However, you may never have bought a lottery ticket, put down money on a horse, or set foot in a casino, and can still be a gambler.  You may never have risked your money, but are you risking something of incomparably greater value: your never-dying soul?

The book of Isaiah mentions people who turned away from God and worshipped false gods, Gad and Meni.  Those names can be interpreted as ‘Fortune’ and ‘Fate’.  There are many people today who still worship fortune and fate, people who gamble with their souls.  Are you betting on the fact that there is no God, that there is no life after death?  Perhaps you think the odds are favourable, that the risk is worth taking.  The sober fact of the matter is that if you trust in fate and fortune and despise the Saviour, then you’ll lose all.  There can be no other outcome.  The prophet Elijah addressed a question to the Israelites: “How long do ye halt between two opinions?” (1 Kings 18 v 21).  Dear reader, are you lingering in indecision?  If so, then you’re gambling with your soul.  As has been already written in an excellent gospel tract, there is no neutral ground.  You are either lost or you are saved, there is no in-between state.

Now, we live in a turbulent world.  There is uncertainty all around.  People are more risk-averse, financially speaking, since the global financial crisis.  However, still people are taking risks with the matter of their soul salvation, halting between two opinions.  Don’t let this be a matter of uncertainty for you, dear reader!  There’s certainty in Jesus.  The Bible records the words of a man who was in no doubt about Jesus.  Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” are the words of John the Baptist as he sees the Saviour approaching (John 1 v 29).  Now, there is certainty!  There’s no risk in trusting in Jesus.  Make Him your Certainty today!