Never look back

‘But Jesus said to him, no one, having put his hand to the plough ,and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.’ – Luke 9v62

Any farmer will tell you the importance of setting the plough in a straight line and select a church steeple, house or tree to link up. Then you plough keeping your eye on the objective – if you follow you inclination you glance behind to check its deep enough and if you do you will probably cause a small kink but by the end of the field it was be a very large kink.

If we don’t know farming the same happens in the car, we change the CD player or we are looking behind us to much or sometimes the phone goes, the second of taking out eyes off what is ahead causes swerving and sometimes a little bump or a big bang, just because we set our eyes on something else.

Same in our lives ask for forgiveness and don’t look back don’t take our eyes of Jesus, keep pressing on with the good work, put yesterday behind you, Jesus has dealt with it move enjoy and the ages to come. Set your eyes on Jesus Christ and don’t look behind you.